A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013 is a media art project by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, media artist aund curator from Cologne/Germany starting in 2012. It is the physical and virtual manifestation of his project “Draft Title: Shoah featuring Shoah Film Collection”, including the preparations for the physical event during Agricola de Cologne’s visit in Warsaw in October 2012, the realisation of the physical events – 25-30 Oct 2012 and 25-30 Oct 2013 including creating the virtual presence, and the post-event era forming the project online to become the virtual memorial including Warsaw as a place for Jewish life, the Warsaw Ghetto and the manifestation of “A Virtual Memorial”. The project is dedicated to the victims of Warsaw Ghetto and Nazism.
wjff-logoe_300Invited by 11th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2013 and 10th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2012, there were two occasions to present Shoah Film Collection primarily to Jewish people at different venues and in different ways of representing, mhpj-1imagesso that both manifestation could not be more differently from each other and were, therefore, completely differently perceived by the audience.



adc-logo-10_01Agricola de Cologne (Cologne/Germany)
is a multidisciplinary media artist and curator living and working in Cologne/Germany.
He had more than 100 solo exhibitions in cooperation with 80 museums in Europe, South America and USA, he is participating since 2000 in more than 500 media exhibitions and festivals around the globe. His media art works received numerous prizes and awards.


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